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"When life's journey here is ended, and earth's path no more be trod,
May their names, in gold be written, 'longside the autograph of God."
-Norman and Doris Palmer, Macclesfield. England

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BarneyAtStorage.jpg (106381 bytes)

BarneyBethZackInGhosttown.jpg (78260 bytes)

BarneyInIdaho1993.jpg (27072 bytes)

BarneyWithFriendJohn.jpg (34138 bytes)

BethAndZackAtStorage.jpg (98009 bytes)

BethAndZackAtStorage2.jpg (93827 bytes)

BethAndZackOnTrain.jpg (119847 bytes)

BethInBackOfTheZ.jpg (81525 bytes)

BethOnIkea.jpg (80666 bytes)
My Daughter, Bethany at age 10 on Ikea, our first mare

BethOnIkea2.jpg (81750 bytes)
My Daughter, Bethany (ain't she cute!!)

BucketDredgeInIdaho.jpg (66242 bytes)

myz.jpg (87683 bytes)
My 1977 Datsun 280Z


Pray like there's "No Tomorrow"; because One day it will have been true.

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