Barry's New Pics

"When life's journey here is ended, and earth's path no more be trod,
May their names, in gold be written, 'longside the autograph of God."
-Norman and Doris Palmer, Macclesfield. England

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greenware I'm getting fired, it's about 15" tall

The Dragonfly that laid down and died. It's a big one, about 4" wing span

"A Man of Many Hats"

Taking pictures with the tip of a sword on the camera button was tricky,

I didn't like my expression on the 2nd one.

My Miller Bros. Summer Hat

My Miller Bros. Winter Hat (with a "duh look" goin' on)

Barry 8-19-01


Barry 8-19-01






Pray like there's "No Tomorrow"; because One day it will have been true.


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Sittin' on a Mountain Top,
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I'm waitin' for MyOne To Stop,
Come get My Heart outta Hock.
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